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We Assist Doctors And Health Care Professionals Who Face Legal Challenges

You’re an experienced physician, nurse or another medical professional who cares about your patients’ health and provides the highest quality care. Unfortunately, your dedication and care for your patients alone may not be enough to protect you from the highly regulated and litigious environment that health care providers face.

A single complaint, lawsuit or hospital action can put your reputation and livelihood at stake, and you cannot take the risk of dealing with these challenges by yourself. Kershaw Anderson, PLLC, has decades of experience representing physicians and health care professionals in a variety of legal and professional matters, including:

  • Medical board hearing defense
  • Medical malpractice defense
  • Violations related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Risk assessments
  • Disputes with insurance companies
  • Disputes with hospitals
  • Winding down a practice when a physician retires

Facing a legal or administrative matter can be a distraction for a practicing physician or health care professional. Our lawyers will focus on your legal and administrative challenges so you can concentrate on providing life-saving care for Texas patients.

We know how important your career and reputation are to you. Our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of Texas physicians and health care professionals throughout Texas.

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