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Providing Crucial Defense At Medical Board Hearings

Receiving a complaint letter from the Texas Medical Board is an alarming event. To protect your reputation and your career, you need an attorney who is experienced in representing health care professionals in administrative proceedings.

Kershaw Anderson, PLLC, has decades of experience representing doctors, nurses, dentists and medical professionals in hearings before the varied administrative agencies in Texas, including the Texas Medical Board. Having defended hundreds of physicians and health care providers in that context, founding partner Peter Anderson is a frequent speaker and commentator on the rules and regulations of the Texas Medical Board.

Defending You And Seeking Resolution

Several factors can lead to an investigation from the health care-related administrative body. They may include:

  • Criminal charges or a conviction
  • Excessive malpractice claims
  • Complaints from hospitals, pharmacies, colleagues or patients

When these administrative agencies pursue an investigation, we will counter with our own focused on your defense. Our attorneys are thorough and detail-oriented, leaving no stone unturned.

Your Career And Professional Reputation Are Worth Fighting For

Contact us immediately once you learn that you face professional scrutiny and potential disciplinary action. Your professional career may be at stake. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 214-306-9772 or complete our contact form.