Prompt scene investigation is essential following a truck crash

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Injuries, Motor vehicle accidents |

There are various reasons for a large commercial truck to crash, and the resulting case is often complicated.

The evidence left behind is critical in the task of determining how the crash occurred. A legal team may bring on accident reconstructionists and other experts to assist in the investigation.

Understanding accident reconstruction

It is essential to launch a crash scene investigation as soon as possible after a large truck crash. Forensic engineers can use many different kinds of evidence to help determine how the crash occurred:

-Tire tracks and skid marks

– Gouges in the pavement

– Damage to objects such as guardrails, curbs and telephone poles

Fluid stains such as transmission fluid, engine oil and blood

– Vehicle debris and broken glass from windshields

Accident reconstructionists will look at the direction in which each vehicle was traveling as well as the points of impact.

Disappearing evidence

Early investigation is critical since evidence can quickly disappear. Passing traffic, inclement weather, sun exposure and other issues can cause evidence to fade or vanish entirely.

Adding biomechanics professionals

Biomechanics experts can work alongside accident reconstructionists in the early investigation of an accident. Trained in both engineering mechanics and injury mechanics, they use the latest technologies to understand how various external forces affect different parts of the human body. Along with the accident reconstructionists, they can analyze the contents of an EDR, an event data recorder commonly known as a “black box.” The information available can include details such as engine speed, brake application and seatbelt usage to help determine the cause of a large truck crash.