Protect your business from premises liability

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If you have a business location open to clients, vendors or the public, you have a responsibility to maintain safe premises. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for a costly slip-and-fall or personal injury lawsuit. 

Take these steps to avoid injuries on the premises of your business. 

Conduct proactive inspections

Have safety standards in place for your business location and constantly monitor the premises for potential hazards. When you, an employee or a customer notices a safety issue, fix it right away before someone gets hurt. When you cannot address a hazard promptly, mark it with caution tape, cones or signs so that customers and employees can easily avoid the dangerous area. 

Review common hazard locations

The most common indoor business injuries occur because of wet, slippery surfaces; slippery, broken or faulty stairs; obstacles or clutter that cause falls; poor lighting that leads to visibility issues; and merchandise or supplies that fall from the shelves. Outside, be vigilant about repairing broken sidewalks and steps and clearing wet leaves and other debris from parking lots and walkways. 

Establish a safety program

In addition to identifying and removing hazards swiftly, take operational steps to protect your business from a premises lawsuit. You should purchase sufficient business insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. If your facility is subject to government inspections, save all reports of those inspections. Likewise, keep records of professional maintenance to your facilities, systems and premises. 

Train your employees about what to do in an emergency. Have a first-aid kit and an automatic external defibrillator on-site in case of a heart attack on premises.