What are bodily injury insurance limits?

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Automobile insurance policies provide people with peace of mind that their injuries will be covered if they are in a car accident. Texas state law requires you to purchase some auto insurance before you can head out on the road. 

The most common types of insurance are full-coverage and liability. Each type of policy carries its own specifics about what it covers and in what circumstances. But even the most basic auto policy has bodily damage coverage. 

Texas minimum insurance requirements 

Any basic liability policy will have bodily damage coverage. The Texas Department of Insurance provides details on the required “30/60/25 coverage.” If you are at fault in an accident, your insurance policy will cover $30,000 for each person’s bodily injury. You will have $60,000 for the entire accident. The $25,000 covers any property damage to the other person’s vehicle. 

The state of Texas recommends purchasing more than the required minimum. Damages can add up quickly. 

How can multiple victims affect a bodily insurance claim? 

Use the Texas minimum of $60,000 total coverage as an example. If you were at fault in an auto accident, your policy would cover a maximum of $30,000 per person and $60,000 for all injured parties. So, if you hit a car with three people and all sustained injuries, your policy would still only cover $60,000 for everyone. If that does not cover the expenses, one or more parties could sue you for the rest.