Texting isn’t the only distraction drivers face

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The roads across this country should remain as safe as possible, but this won’t happen as long as there are people who aren’t giving their full attention to driving. Texting is one of the biggest distractions that drivers will incur, but this is far from the only one that impacts their driving ability.

Drivers who are prone to distractions can cause wrecks that injure innocent people. The only way to avoid this is to prevent distracted driving. No driver should allow these points to claim their attention while they are operating their vehicles.

Listening to loud music

People who listen to loud music have an increased chance of making errors while they drive. Listening to softer music at a lower volume showed a 20% decrease in those errors, according to a study of 85 teenage drivers.

Needing the restroom

The need to use the bathroom can have an impact on your judgment that is equal to having a blood-alcohol concentration of .05%. It is best to use the facilities often if you are on a trip so that you don’t reach the point of desperation where your focus on driving wanes.

Dealing with strong emotions

Your emotions can claim your attention, so you shouldn’t drive if you are upset or sad. Your risk of getting into a crash increases 10 times when you are emotional. Instead of getting behind the wheel when you are angry, take some time to relax and calm yourself so you can drive safely. If you still aren’t calm, have someone else drive you to your destination.

Eating snacks or meals

Eating requires you to take at least one hand off of the wheel, your eyes off of the road, and your attention away from driving. It is best to grab a snack or meal when you can stop and eat safely. If you eat or drink while you drive, you also risk other problems like spills and burns. You might end up having a slippery steering wheel. You have an 80% increased risk of being in a crash if you consume food or beverages while driving.

Traveling with pets

You should always secure pets when you travel. Having a pet in your lap or wandering around the vehicle as you drive is a big distraction. Kennels are the safest place for your pet while traveling, not only to reduce the chance of a crash but also to minimize the likelihood of the dog suffering an injury in a wreck.

Paying attention to children

Infants are eight times as distracting, and children are four times as distracting as adults in a vehicle. Place your children in appropriate car seats or seat belts and put your focus on the road. One study found that on a 16-minute trip, parents average around 3 minutes and 22 seconds of time looking away from the road.

Automotive crashes can lead to legal action. Learning about the factors of the accident can help you as your build your case. Be sure to evaluate your options based on the information you have so you can determine what’s best for your needs.