Trucker, company may need insurance defense after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Insurance Defense |

Accidents happen every day. In particular, accidents that happen on roadways are a regular occurrence, and often, someone ends up to blame for serious or fatal injuries. Of course, if a driver is considered to have caused such injuries, it may be wise to look into insurance defense options in the event that claims come against that person or even a company if a truck driver was involved.

It was recently reported that two consecutive crashes in Texas resulted in the deaths of two people. Apparently, the first crash occurred between a car and a motorcycle. The incident resulted in the motorcyclist being thrown from the motorcycle, and the driver of the car stopped his vehicle to check on the other man. While in the road, both the car driver and the motorcyclist were struck by an 18-wheeler.

The incident resulted in both drivers in the initial crash suffering fatal injuries. The truck driver stopped after the crash, but it was not mentioned whether he suffered any injuries. The incident was under investigation at the time of the report, and it did not appear that any charges had resulted as of yet.

This incident could result in wrongful death claims coming against the truck driver and the company for which he works. However, it may work in the driver’s and company’s interests to consider their legal options for insurance defense. Details of the investigation could determine that the truck driver was not wholly responsible for the fatal injuries that resulted from this Texas incident, and that information could be crucial in a civil case.