Protecting your business against spurious injury claims

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There are many potential threats to your successful business. You have to worry about whether a corporate competitor could open up around the block and drive you out of business by lowering their prices beyond what you can match. There is the potential for an employee to behave in such an egregious manner that it results in a lawsuit against your business.

Among the myriad potential problems you have to think of and deal with, injuries to your clients and customers is one that is far too easy to overlook. After all, you probably already have a premises liability insurance policy to protect you from financial liability if someone gets hurt at your business. While an insurance policy is a good first step, you should also take additional steps to protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

Security cameras aren’t just for crime

If you live in an area with low crime rates, you may not think that security cameras are necessary. In fact, you may not intend to ever prosecute shoplifters even if you catch them. However, shoplifters are only one of many reasons why companies add security cameras around their business spaces.

Another is to validate or disprove claims by staff or customers about something that happened on site. A security camera could very quickly disprove someone’s claim that they slipped and fell. It could show that they actually tripped over someone else’s foot, for example, and didn’t actually slip on a wet spot on your floor.

The video could also show that the fall itself was not as bad as the customer claims. Perhaps they just slipped and went down to one knee, instead of striking their head as they claim.

Make sure all of your staff members know about your accident policy

If you have a premises liability policy, your insurance company probably already requires that you collect information about any accident that results in an injury. Make certain that every staff member you hire understand that they must record in writing any claim of an injury that happens at your business. They should also alert management or ownership so that you can review security footage as necessary.

Take a proactive stance on maintenance and cleanliness

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid spurious claims of premises liability is to ensure that your business is typically clean and that any issues such as leaks get addressed right away. When you and your staff work together to keep the space safe and clean, you can drastically reduce the potential risk for someone legitimately suffering an injury on your property.

Regardless of what else happens, if you find yourself facing any sort of claim with premises liability, sitting down to talk with an attorney who has familiarity with business litigation in Texas sooner rather than later can help you protect your business and its financial future.