Even doctors doing their best can face medical malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Health Care Law |

Wanting to help people is a common reason individuals give for entering the medical field. Of course, being a Texas doctor is not an easy job, and even when trying to help, treatments and operations do not always go as planned. Though a doctor may not have intentionally harmed a patient, a medical malpractice claim could still result.

Unfortunately, malpractice claims are not uncommon in the medical field. Some issues that patients experience lead to legal claims more often than others. For instance, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is the leading cause of malpractice claims. The wrong diagnosis or delayed diagnosis could result in unnecessary or missed treatment, which could allow a condition to worsen as it goes untreated.

Another reason that patients may file legal claims relates to informed consent. If a person believes that a medical professional did not disclose all of the possible risks of a treatment or procedure, that patient could claim that he or she would not have gone through with the procedure if that information had been made known. This could be especially true if the procedure results in a seriously negative outcome for the patient.

Even if a medical professional does his or her best to avoid negative outcomes for patients, mistakes are not always unavoidable. Unfortunately, medical malpractice claims can result for a variety of reasons, and doctors and other staff members may find themselves in need of a defense. Luckily, experienced attorneys can help Texas medical professionals address claims brought against them and work toward the best outcomes possible for their predicaments.