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Protecting your business against spurious injury claims

There are many potential threats to your successful business. You have to worry about whether a corporate competitor could open up around the block and drive you out of business by lowering their prices beyond what you can match. There is the potential for an employee to behave in such an egregious manner that it results in a lawsuit against your business.

Among the myriad potential problems you have to think of and deal with, injuries to your clients and customers is one that is far too easy to overlook. After all, you probably already have a premises liability insurance policy to protect you from financial liability if someone gets hurt at your business. While an insurance policy is a good first step, you should also take additional steps to protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

Litigation possible for real estate partnership dispute

Having a business partner can often prove useful to company owners. However, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise between partners. If those problems are serious, the parties could wind up in the courtroom handling litigation in efforts to come to a resolution to the issues that have come about.

Texas readers may be interested in such a dispute currently underway in another state. According to reports, the lawsuit involves two partners from a real estate development company. Apparently, one of the partners has accused the other of embezzling money from the company for personal use, such as to cover personal debt and pay for other business opportunities. It was noted that the partners' company defaulted on a mortgage loan related to a 6-acre parcel of land intended for development, and as a result, that property has been set for auction, which has been postponed twice as the company worked to pay back the lender.

How can I help a loved one who received a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can be life-altering for the injured person, but it can also be hard on that person’s family and friends. If you have a loved one who was recently injured, you may need time to grieve the way things used to be. While grieving is natural, it is also important to support your loved one as he or she tries to find a way to move forward with life.

Although you may have helped support your loved one over the years, the way you help may change because of that person’s injury. It can be difficult at first to determine where your help is needed, especially when your loved one may not yet understand the help he or she wants.

Insurance defense may be needed after Texas crane accident

When an unexpected event results in a person or multiple people suffering injuries, investigations often look into who might be responsible for the event. It is not uncommon for parties considered responsible in an injury-causing incident to face insurance claims as those negatively affected search for compensation. However, individuals and companies have the right to create insurance defense presentations in such cases.

It was recently reported that an accident in Texas resulted in the death of one woman and injuries to five other people. Apparently, a crane from a nearby construction site crashed into an apartment building. The exact cause of the incident was not known at the time of the report, but it was suspected that 71 mph winds in the area may have contributed to the incident. However, construction cranes typically have the ability to withstand winds up to 120 mph.

Radiologists certainly want to avoid malpractice claims

Many people go into the health care field because they want to do their part to help others. Of course, working in a Texas hospital, doctor's office or other medical settings can be stressful as well as rewarding. In some cases, patients may even believe that they have been harmed due to the negligence of a radiologist or other medical staff member, and as a result, a medical professional may find him or herself facing a legal claim for malpractice.

Unfortunately, legal claims are a risk that all medical professionals face. Radiologists in particular may worry about these claims because part of their job is reading the results of imaging scans. If a person misreads the scan or does not notice a sign of a medical problem on the scan, it is not unusual for a legal claim to result if a patient believes that he or she suffered due to this mistake. Fortunately, radiologists can work to lessen the likelihood of facing such claims.

2 Texas restaurants involved in commercial litigation over names

Having unique aspects of a business can help it remain recognizable to consumers. As a result, some business owners choose to protect certain aspects of their companies by obtaining trademarks for names, logos, color schemes or other identifying details. However, if another company infringes on that trademark, commercial litigation could take place.

It was recently reported that two Texas restaurants are currently involved in litigation due to one restaurant claiming the other has violated trademark protections. Apparently, paleo restaurant Picnik has filed the suit against Bento Picnic, another restaurant in the area that reportedly offers similar food choices. The issue apparently hinges on Bento Picnic having the word "picnic" in its name. Picnik also claims that the two restaurants have similar logos.

Proud and proven legal advocacy for Texas medical professionals

An outsized irony attaches to the health care industry in Texas and nationally. It underscores the fact that highly trained professionals focused on helping people at their most vulnerable often face personal risks and grave liability concerns for doing so.

The medical realm is unquestionably one of the most closely scrutinized and regulated occupational spheres on the planet. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others routinely deal with rules and requirements that could scarcely be imagined in other industries. And they do so while knowing that they are being judged by the public in a most exacting way.

How to keep yourself safe when driving near tractor-trailers

As you drive to work, the grocery store and even your child’s school, there is a possibility that you might need to share the road with tractor-trailers. Many drivers treat tractor-trailers no differently than passenger vehicles. However, tractor trailers have operating limitations that passenger vehicles do not have, and crashes involving tractor-trailers typically cause much more damage than caused by crashes involving only passenger vehicles.

Collisions between passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers can be caused by tractor-trailer braking capability or truck driver fatigue, among other causes. However, there are actions you can take as the driver of a passenger vehicle, to help prevent being involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer.

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